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Actual Performance

Our portfolios: Day Week Year to date Since inception Inception Annualized
Rising Stars -3.0% -11.4% +61.4% +134.8% 2020-07-13 > 200%
Trending Ideas +85.7% +91.9% 2020-12-22 > 200%
Global Commodities -3.3% -3.1% +3.0% +56.3% 2020-05-31 +82.1%
US Leaders 0.0% -3.3% -1.8% +23.3% 2019-08-25 +14.9%
Russian Strategy (RUB) 0.0% -0.8% +1.6% +684.9% 2015-01-01 +39.7%

DisclosuresMonthly returnsBroker report (IB)

We believe in fundamental investing based on well measured  combination of value and growth approaches. With our portal you can

  • Select the companies with most rapid financials growth trajectories

  • Understand how the companies are valued compared to other companies and their history

  • Analyze commodities companies taking into account changes on their markets of operations
  • Select the companies generating more dividends / cash flows

  • Follow one of our 4 * well-tested fundamental strategies with positive backtests and actual performance

  • Or perform your own analysis on > 1700 public companies with our financial data
* All our US and global strategies/portfolios are long-only, equities-only and assume no leverage
* Russian strategy assumes up to 20% leverage in positive market environment

Rising Stars 


  • The strategy screens 1700 US-listed companies selecting most rapidly growing financial results trajectory, but not being overvalued by multiples

  • The strategy is aimed to find next Amazon(-s) / Facebook / Zoom / Alibaba

  • Fact: in 2015-2020 average next quarter share price performance for companies with revenue growth > 30% was 5.1% vs 1.7% average for whole selection

Learn more about the approach, actual performance and backtesting results >>

Actual Performance

Period StrategyS&P500
Day -3.0%-0.5%
Week -11.4%-2.4%
Year to date +61.4%+1.5%
Since inception (2020-07-13) +134.8%+20.6%

Portfolio (USD) and S&P500 dynamics (%)

Trending Ideas 


  • Strategy invests in high potential sectors, manually selected by our team. First sectors (as of Dec 2020): medical cannabis in US, digital players in China

  • Selection is done in a way similar to the Rising Stars strategy: rapid revenue growth trajectory, not too high valuation by multiples, positive or improving profitability

  • In future the portfolio might be extended with new sectors - e.g. SAAS, alternative energy
Actual Performance

Period StrategyS&P500
Day -0.7%-0.5%
Week -14.9%-2.4%
Year to date +85.7%+1.5%
Since inception (2020-12-22) +91.9%+3.4%

Portfolio (USD) and S&P500 dynamics (%)

Global Commodities 


  • The strategy recalculates each minute expected profits and cash position of companies in current market environment taking into account commodity prices and FX changes

  • The strategy recalculates potentials and target shares of picks based on performance of relevant resource markets

  • Fact: FED assets increased 8x times from 2007 to 2020, while US GDP increased just 1.5x times. US is printing money and real resources tend to increase in value

Learn more about the approach, actual performance and backtesting results >>

Actual Performance

Period StrategyS&P500
Day -3.3%-0.5%
Week -3.1%-2.4%
Year to date +3.0%+1.5%
Since inception (2020-05-31) +56.3%+25.3%

Portfolio (USD) and S&P500 dynamics (%)

US Leaders 


  • The strategy invests in the companies from TOP-40 S&P500 showing best combination of financials growth and valuation

  • Avoid investing in players overvalued by multiples considering growth

  • Fact: 66% of companies with financials growing over 15% were showing >15% financials growth in the previous period (fast growing companies tend to continue grow fast)

Learn more about the approach, actual performance and backtesting results >>

Actual Performance

Period StrategyS&P500
Day 0.0%-0.5%
Week -3.3%-2.4%
Year to date -1.8%+1.5%
Since inception (2019-08-25) +23.3%+33.9%

Portfolio (USD) and S&P500 dynamics (%)

Russian Strategy 


  • Our Russian strategy due to our origins, showing > 30% annualized return since inception

  • The strategy selects undervalued companies with solid corporate governance, mostly investing in commodity players with USD-denominated revenue

  • Fact: many Russian companies show dividend yield of 5-10% and more combined with increasing financials



Actual Performance



USDRUB rate changed from 60.85 (2015-01-01) to 74.18 (now), devaluation amounted to 21.9%

Year to date
Since inception

Portfolio and Moscow Exchange Index dynamics (%)

Our track-record results are confirmed by the largest Russian brokers BCS (FinTarget) and Finam (Comon). We have over $1.5m own funds invested in the strategies and so fully share all the gains and losses with our clients / in this respect are fully committed to achieve the best possible results. We are ready to provide broker reports supporting traction per your request.

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Financial Portal

In additional to that we are running Financial Portal that allows users to conduct fundamental research based on traditional and our proprietary frameworks.

Enhanced Investments Financial Portal

The Financial Portal includes in real time:

  • The list of most attractive companies in accordance with our frameworks
  • Target portfolio in each of our strategies
  • Real-time calculations of company’s potentials
  • The list of our transactions, ability to receive signals in real time
  • Financial data on the companies – revenue, EBITDA, net debt, cash flows, dividends
  • Current and historical multiples of the companies
  • For the commodity players: estimate of effects in market environment on the profits of the companies, calculation of results
  • Real-time analytics on the company’s attractiveness in terms of growth trajectory, current market environment, valuation
  • Backtest of each strategy

6 strategies and relevant portfolios

1700 US and global companies covered

80 investable Russian companies covered

80 commodity prices gathered and linked to companies potentials

13 FX exchange rates gathered and linked to global companies potentials

We kindly invite you to join our strategies through:

  • Direct investment-consulting agreement – e.g. our Interactive Brokers advisory account

  • IT distance solution that being installed on user’s device would automatically their portfolio to our target structure

  • Subscribing to our Financial Portal

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Please don’t hesitate writing to us if you are potentially interested in working with us (or if you found a mistake on our portal or you have ideas how to improve it)

Enhaanced Investments team has solid experience in investment analysis, M&A deals execution, trading, research studies, IT development

Kirill Kuznetsov

Business development, clients relationships, analysis methodology

Over 12 years in private equity, M&A advisory, strategic consulting. Last 10 years in The Sputnik Group (family office, over $1bn AuM) in Vice President role. Developed key principles and invesmtent methodology. Graduated with Honours from The Higher School of Economics. At high school - national maths team contender

Maxim Kuznetsov

Methodology development, investment analysis, trading execution

Over 9 years in trading. 5 years scientific research in Institute of Applied Physics Russian Academy of Science. Developed several automated systems, supporting trading process. Russian securities commission certificate 5.0

Andrey Aparin

IT-development, investment analysis

Solid experience in IT development and investment analysis. Expertise in PHP, SQL, front and backend solutions. Developed from scratch the IT system analysing the companies and executing the trades and the Financial Portal to present its outcomes.
Graduated from Higher School of Economics