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General information

Largest independent Russian vertically integrated oil&gas producer. Has quite good corporate governance, information disclosure. In addition to paying dividends regularly buys back own shares
  • Current market environment: negative. Prices of Brent oil are 24.6% lower compared to the last 12 months (LTM)
  • Prices of Brent oil are at 82.0% percentile over the past 5 years, adjusted for inflation
  • Dividend yield for the last twelve months 24.1%
  • Free cash flow yield 17.3% (LTM), projected 13.2%
  • Share of USD-denominated sales in revenue of the company (estimate) 86.8%
  • Share price is 44.6% higher than minimum and 31.5% lower than maximum for the last 3 years
  • The company is undervalued by EV / LTM EBITDA multiple compared to target level (2.6x vs
  • The company is undervalued by EV / projected EBITDA multiple compared to target level (

Key Financials (Download financials)

Ticker: LKOH
Share price, RUB:  (-0.1%)5117
year average price 4279  

year start price 3893 2022-06-08

min close price 3540 2022-07-21

max close price 5653 2023-06-01

current price 5133 2023-06-07
Common stocks: 692 865 762

Dividend Yield:  24.1%
FCF Yield LTM / expected: 17.3% / 13.2%
EV / EBITDA annualized: 2.3x
Production prices change from LTM: -24.6%
EV / projected EBITDA:
Target EV / EBITDA (hist percentile):
Express share price potential:
EV / LTM EBITDA mutiple calculation
Market Cap (m RUB): 3 545 394
Net Debt (m RUB): 76 329
EV (Enterprise Value): 3 621 723
EBITDA LTM (m RUB): 1 404 411

Revenue and EBITDA

Quarterly values (m RUB)

Change (y/y)

Cash Flow

FCF / Free Cash Flow (m RUB), before FX effects elimination

Net Debt / Cash and Equivalents (m RUB)

Share price and dividends (Download history)

Share price

Payment RUB per share

Multiple and potential

EV / LTM EBITDA and 50% percentile

Potential dynamics

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