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Barnwell Industries, Inc. engages in the oil and natural gas exploration, land investment, and contract drilling services. The company is headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii and currently employs 41 full-time employees. The firm`s segments include Oil and Natural Gas Segment; Land Investment Segment; Contract Drilling Segment, and Residential Real Estate Segment. The firm`s investments in oil and natural gas properties are located in Canada, principally in the province of Alberta, with other non-producing holdings in the provinces of Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The company holds interests in Kaupulehu Developments, a Hawaii general partnership. Its subsidiary, Water Resources International, Inc., drills water and water monitoring wells of varying depths in Hawaii, installs and repairs water-pumping systems, and is the distributor for Floway pumps and equipment in the state of Hawaii.
  • Dividend yield for the last twelve months 0.0%
  • Free cash flow yield 26.2% (LTM)
  • Share price is 656.3% higher than minimum and 58.0% lower than maximum for the last 3 years
  • The company is undervalued by EV / LTM EBITDA multiple compared to target level (1.4x vs
  • For the last 3 months insiders bought company shares on $0.3 mln (1.004% of cap.)

Key Financials (Download financials)

Ticker: BRN
Share price, USD:  (-5.1%)2.42
year average price 2.69  

year start price 3.33 2021-07-01

min close price 2.07 2021-08-20

max close price 4.88 2022-03-07

current price 2.42 2022-06-30
Common stocks: 9 445 150

Dividend Yield:  0.0%
FCF Yield LTM: 26.2%
Target EV / EBITDA (hist percentile):
EV / LTM EBITDA mutiple calculation
Market Cap ($m): 23
Net Debt ($m): -9
EV (Enterprise Value): 14
EBITDA LTM ($m): 10
Price to Book: 1.57x

Revenue and EBITDA

Quarterly values ($m)

Change (y/y)

Cash Flow

FCF / Free Cash Flow ($m)

Net Debt / Cash and Equivalents ($m)

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Multiple and potential

EV / LTM EBITDA and 50% percentile

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Barnwell Fiscal Q3 Revenue Increases 28% in the quarterly period to $5.1 Million, Reports Net Earnings of $5.0 Million and $0.59 Net EPS; Regains Compliance with NYSE


Barnwell Announces Disposition of Spirit River Assets


Barnwell Industries, Inc. Announces July 13, 2021 Pro Forma Stockholders' Equity in Excess of $4.0 Million


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Barnwell Industries (BRN) Stock: 24.44% Increase Explanation
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