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Sector: Oil and Gas E and P

EQT Corporation operates as a natural gas production company in the United States. The company produces natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), and crude oil. As of December 31, 2019, it had 17.5 trillion cubic feet of proved natural gas, NGLs, and crude oil reserves across approximately 1.3 million gross acres. The company was founded in 1925 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Current market environment: negative. Prices of production are 28.6% lower compared to the last 12 months (LTM)
  • Prices of production are at 49.5% percentile over the past 5 years, adjusted for inflation
  • Dividend yield for the last twelve months 1.7%
  • Free cash flow yield -13.2% (LTM), projected -22.1%
  • Share price is 128.0% higher than minimum and 27.1% lower than maximum for the last 3 years
  • The company is undervalued by EV / LTM EBITDA multiple compared to target level (8.5x vs
  • The company is overvalued by EV / projected EBITDA multiple compared to target level (

Key Financials (Download financials)

Ticker: EQT
Share price, USD:  (+0.9%)36.91
year average price 38.00  

year start price 33.36 2023-03-02

min close price 28.83 2023-03-15

max close price 44.72 2023-11-03

current price 36.58 2024-02-29
Common stocks: 361 982 000

Dividend Yield:  1.7%
FCF Yield LTM / expected: -13.2% / -22.1%
EV / EBITDA annualized: 8.7x
Production prices change from LTM: -28.6%
EV / projected EBITDA:
Target EV / EBITDA (hist percentile):
Express share price potential:
EV / LTM EBITDA mutiple calculation
Market Cap ($m): 13 361
Net Debt ($m): 5 472
EV (Enterprise Value): 18 833
EBITDA LTM ($m): 2 208
Price to Book: 0.9x

Revenue and EBITDA

Quarterly values ($m)

Change (y/y)

Cash Flow

FCF ($m)

Net Debt / Cash and Equivalents ($m)

Share price and dividends (Download history)

Share price

Payment USD per share

Multiple and potential

EV / LTM EBITDA and 75% percentile

Potential dynamics


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